sml-sm Some people are cat people, some are dog people. Me? I’m a cat person. I know that the connections people form with their cats can often be the longest, strongest, healthiest relationships in their lives. They are best buddies, confidants, playmates, and surrogate children. How did these furry little creatures carve such a deep and permanent place in our hearts?

Because they provide us with comfort, camaraderie, and unconditional love. Cats are beautiful, loving, playful, funny; they are a hilarious mixture of dignity and slapstick, with a temperament like mercury and the grace of dancers. Wonderful though they are, it wasn’t dogs the ancient Egyptians worshiped. When you’ve won the trust and affection of a cat, you know you’ve really earned something worthwhile.

So when our kitties are sick, it breaks our hearts. The suffering of innocents is always unbearable. We want them whole and healthy, so they’ll be with us for as long as possible. Only when they’re happy can we be happy too.

This site was originally created to help cat lovers everywhere with one of the most painful and potentially dangerous ailments a cat can have: feline urinary tract infection. I’ve expanded from there. The site is still pretty simple – to offer you information to help recognize the symptoms of UTIs early enough to get veterinarian help, and some products that will help in the recovery and prevention of this very unpleasant disorder.

Because we believe that the best products are those that are eco-friendly and natural, those are the only ones we recommend for your kitty. As time goes on and requests for other kinds of information have come in, I’ve added a little more to the site, like the best organic foods and litter, recycled cat furniture, and more.


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